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You Can Be an Intern or Apprentice Filmmaker!

Gothic Pictures International has a unique program to teach and give experience to aspiring filmmakers in almost every area of movie production. Our Intern and Apprentice Program can help you learn how to be a filmmaker and/or improve your unique cinematic interests and techniques. This program can:

  • Help you learn the art and craft of filmmaking in your chosen specialty.
  • Earn you scholastic credit through a college or university you are already enrolled in.
  • Give you invaluable experience in the making of a feature film.
  • Guarantee that at least half of your time participating in the program is involved in hands-on filmmaking work.

Our Executive Producer, Russ Williams, has a bachelor's degree in education and a master's in communication with accredited universities in the U.S. He also has years of experience in teaching and curriculum development. Being an experienced screenwriter, he can also apprentice and teach aspiring writers in creating feature film scripts. We do have current job openings and are accepting intern and apprentice resumes for production assistants and other assistant positions in our current production work.

Visit our Contact page to ask for more information. Inquire about our exciting Intern and Apprentice Program today!