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About GPI: The World's Finest Gothic & Horror International Films

Founded in 2010 by a group of dedicated filmmakers from Asia and the U.S., Gothic Pictures International seeks to produce quality Gothic and horror films, with America and all cultures in mind.

The primary goals of Gothic Pictures International are to make quality films in the Gothic and horror genres and also to promote other independent filmmakers who wish to create new, cutting-edge dark, film noir and dramatic films. We believe that excellent, profitable Gothic films can and should be made, which encompass Asian, international and American cultures, using top-rate professional film-making talent and skills.

Gothic Pictures International (formerly Gothic Productions International) seeks to make these films boldly, without the hesitations or apologies usually associated with "horror movies" and "independent projects." Eventually, we hope to build a cinematic and cultural bridge between east and west, the U.S. and worldwide.

To these ends, we have garnered financing and gathered together talent from many countries, producing a synergy of talent and professional quality. We want to earn the respect of the film-making world, not by merely scaring people or making money, but by producing outstanding films. That having been said, we don't mind frightening folks, and we do want to make money! However, we realize that if our end products are poor, the scares won't be there and neither will the profits. We believe that box office and excellence can go hand in hand in the independent and international film-making worlds.

Horror Films Are Big Box Office in Asia, the U.S. & Worldwide

Not only are horror films an opportunity for applying great talent to the movie world, but nowadays, they're making a lot of money too! Hollywood is producing a greater number of Gothic and horror films because more people want to see them than ever before. Talent and quality in these films can produce great yields at the box office, just as it does in other types of film-making.

Gone are the days when "horror flicks" were looked down on and relegated to the "midnight movie" groups of small but dedicated cult  fans. People are seeing and wanting these types of films in ever greater numbers now, and not just at midnight. No one nowadays can doubt that Gothic and horror stories totally permeate the mainstream of modern filmmaking.

Our Mission & Goals

Here at GPI, our mission is simple: To produce and encourage quality, independent and international Gothic, horror and related films, in the U.S. and Asia. To realize these purposes, we seek the following goals:

  • Gathering together quality film-making professionals internationally to make outstanding Gothic and horror films, as well as films in related genres.
  • Encouraging and teaching budding independent filmmakers who want to make feature films.
  • Producing films with real drama and characters and not just lots of blood and special effects.
  • Expanding these efforts to include the the U.S. and all of North America.
  • Marketing creatively and finding new distribution possibilities for our own films, as well other films by like-minded filmmakers.

Joining Past & Present for the Future

Much has been said recently about modern filmmakers with a Gothic bent returning to "old-style horror" for inspiration. Indeed, there has been a marked trend during the past decade, to basing horror film stories on traditional Gothic themes. GPI believes that this trend is good, insofar as anything that gives a creative artist inspiration to create quality work is admirable. For the devoted fan, there is nothing like watching some of the old horror films from the 1930 to 1950 era, to get the imagination juices flowing. This kind of inspiration can also serve as an antidote to the plentiful horror film “bombs” (Hollywood, independent and even international) that seek audiences nowadays.

However, GPI also believes that modern films need new ideas and ways of storytelling and filming as well. Interestingly, much of the novel flavor in modern horror and Gothic film is coming from Asia. Ironically, Asian filmmakers are calling on their cultural roots and historic traditions to bring in this "new blood." We are certain that there is a profitable market for future Gothic/horror films, if they smartly and creatively include ideas from “Asian Gothic” sources, especially if also well blended with appropriate western ideas.

A dynamic locus and truly creative fervor in modern Gothic and horror film-making can emanate from this collision of past and present, east and west, old ways and the edgy new. Of course, the Gothic forefathers (and mothers!) who created and nurtured the genres in ages past would be hugely pleased at this phenomenon. Gothic storytelling flows out of a time-honored tradition. After all, true Gothic stories, including Gothic horror, always emerge from the conflict between opposites, such as an evil past and an unforgiving present.

This war between old and new is what Gothic and true horror storytelling are all about. Like any conflict between opposite ideas, this battle's outcome can be truly beneficial. We here at GPI assert that, not only will the results be positive, but they will also determine the shape of Gothic and horror film-making in the future, for the next several decades. We firmly believe that this renaissance in Gothic imagination will flower in all parts of the world and in the creative souls of many filmmakers yet to be born.